Region 6 EMS MOEMS Conference 2019 Scholarships!

Deadline for registration is June 14 th, 2019

Region 6 EMS will sponsor 5 people to attend the 2019 MEMSA Conference in Osage Beach! For information about the conference please go to for details.

What are the stipulations to attend? 

                        1. Must be a resident of Region 6  

                        2. Must be a certified attendant in Kansas (First Responder to MICT) OR  student

                        3. Must attend a minimum of 50% of the educational tracts by showing Continuing Education                         

                       4. If circumstances become such that attendance cannot be completed  you must notify Kenny Yoakum (info will be given  to registrants)

                                               within 24 hours of the beginning of the conference (exception only for emergency as determined by the board). If this is not done the board may ask you to re-pay the       expenses incurred.                                

The Region will agree to scholarship:

 Registration for the conference   Note: Lunches are "on your own" this year at the conference. Costs for the optional pre-conference are not covered by this scholarship.

 Lodging at the host hotel

No transportation costs or meals outside the conference will be included.


Registration is found at: